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My name is Roni Giladi, I am a naturopathy therapist, specializing in digestive tract problems, diagnosis and resolution of allergies and sensitivities, as well as treatment of traumas, phobias, and other anxieties.

I am a great believer in the fact that every disease is a physical expression of an emotional source. For this purpose I have selected a diverse tool kit which allows me to help many patients, let miracles enter into their lives and treat the root of their hardship, thus leading them to a real healing process in all aspects of their lives, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


The TAT Technique

An amazing in depth and fundamental self-healing technique, developed by Ms. Tapas Fleming in 1993. The technique allows for resolution of deeply rooted traumas, allergies and sensitivities, emotional conflicts, anxiety, emotional distress, limiting thought patterns, addiction, emotional eating and many other issues.

If you are suffering from any physical problem you have not yet found a solution for, I may be able to help you with that. The sheer beauty of the technique is that the therapeutical appointments are done online, the results are quick to appear and very effective and the therapeutic technique strives to provide a deeply rooted healing process, so your problem does not come back! In fact, you can use this technique anywhere and anytime. In addition to that, you receive along this line of meetings also a therapeutic accompaniment every time a problem arises, so you are never left alone.



I have arrived at Roni’s with chronic pain in the stomach, a stiff neck, and a generally uncomfortable sensation. Together with Roni, I have learned how to cope with my problems through nutritional therapy and emotional techniques, I learned to let go, and most of all, I have learned the reasons and roots of my problems. Once this realization set in, the path to the solution was much more achievable. I have learned, and still I am learning from Roni. He has transformed the way I refer to and cope with pain and with the interference in my life, and even now, a long time down the line, I am still using the tool kit I acquired from him. This is not just another treatment, this is a game changer. I recommend from the bottom of my heart.

Yuval, Israel


I went to see Roni following many years of severe abuse by my spouse. I have suffered from insecurity, obesity, and a chronic lack of energy. Following an in-depth emotional process together with Roni and his amazing tool kit I have lost weight, my insecurity has improved radically, and I am much more energetic and vital. I highly recommend, Mira, Israel


Roni is an amazing healer who helped me and my daughter in getting rid of allergies, including allergy to cats which has been around for many years and was prevalent in out family! Best recommendations ever! Thank you, Roni, for the sweetest cat we have dreamed on for years.

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Payment amount is 100 US$ for one session.